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Garlic Scape Pizza with Hakurei Turnips

Farro Salad with Soft Boiled Eggs and Shallot Yogurt

Penne Arugula Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms with Herby Kale Mashed Potatoes

Mixed Green + Pear Salad

Radish Green + Mushroom Omelet

Lemony White Bean + Arugula Salad

Avocado BLT

Peanut Butter & Rhubarb Jelly French Toast Sandwich

Heart of Palm and Corn Cakes with Spicy Remoulade

Pepita y Aji Amarillo Salad

Scrambled Egg Flatbread

Mushroom Bourguignon

Rhubarb Basil Flatbread

Rhubarb Vodka Cocktail

Carrot Coconut Ginger Soup

Rotini with Ramps + Chilies

Ramp Pancakes