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Ramen in Taipei

Welcome to Vegetarian & Cooking! I am a home-trained cook and have been a vegetarian for thirteen years. All of the food that I post on this blog has been prepared by me and likely taste tested by my friends and family.

I love food. People ask me for my opinion on recipes or restaurants and text me when they've put together a cool recipe. A great girls' night out or date night for me includes a cool new restaurant and a bar with handcrafted cocktails -- there are so many places that I enjoy in Northeast Ohio. Whenever I find unique vegetarian cuisine during my US and international travels I always try to turn the idea into a recipe to post here. I also enjoy exploring grocery stores and farmer's markets for new and unique ingredients.

Dave with a massive slice of pizza in Las Vegas

I started this blog eight years ago and it is currently my main hobby (or if you ask my husband the blog is essentially my part-time job). I do have a traditional full-time job, but overall this blog helps me maintain my sanity.

For more information check out my Frequently Asked Questions tab.

If you're interested in collaborating, please email me at! I love having guest bloggers and participating in features and link-ups on other pages.

Most recipes on this blog are credited to someone else, all photos and writings are my own (unless otherwise noted). Please do not use my photos or content without permission! If you would like to use something, leave a comment and I'll get back to you! 


  1. Hi Alicia and Becky,
    Is there a contact email where I can reach you? I wanted to know if you would like to be featured as Gourmandize's Blogger(s) of the Day? You can reply to me at Thanks!

  2. Hi Alecia,

    Hi, I'm writing on behalf of Edgell Australia, seeking your permission to use your recipe on The original recipe will be credited to you and it will link directly back to your recipe.

    Please contact me at your earliest and I can go through the details with and clarify any concerns


  3. Alecia,
    Thank you for sharing all these amazing and truly delicious recipes! We’d be happy to build a partnership with such a dedicated food blogger and get you promoted at our official FB with over 22K followers. Please visit our website to learn more about the opportunities you may get with us: Feel free to contact me at for any additional information.
    Thank you!

  4. Proud of your effort! You are an inspiration!


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