Cracker Barrel Lemon Ice Box Pie

When Dave was still living with roommates, one of his roommates brought this recipe home for us to try. Stephanie said she used to work at Cracker Barrel and that this was the exact recipe that was used.

I gave Dave the recipe and asked him to go to the store. When I came over after work I saw these on the counter along with some of the other ingredients:

I told Dave that I really liked vanilla wafers, but I was wondering why he bought those. His response: FOR THE PIE.

It turns out that in the heat of the moment of shopping...Dave thought that the recipe meant those sandwiched vanilla wafers. Not "nilla wafers" the round cookies that were meant to go into this recipe. I couldn't send him back out to the store, because he was horrified at his mistake (and because we had all of these perfectly good wafers). Because of all that this recipe turned into Cracker Barrel Lemon Ice Box Pie with a Twist.

-Graham cracker crust
-1/3 cup sugar
-3 egg yolks
-6 Tbs lemon juice
-1 (14 oz) can of sweetened condensed milk
-8 oz cool whip
-Vanilla wafers

You'll need three egg yolks for this. Dave's Asparagus, Beet and Egg White Breakfast Sandwich is a great use for the rest of the egg is you don't like to be wasteful. After all, you bought those eggs!
Beat together the egg yolks, lemon juice, and condensed milk until combined. Raw eggs don't make me feel uncomfortable, but I know that they make some people incredibly uncomfortable. I found this suggestion on another blog The Virtuous Wife: "There is no cooking involved in the egg mixture, this is a traditional method of making icebox pies. If you would rather cook the mixture, you can whisk the yolks and lemon juice in a double boiler on simmer until temp reads 160 degrees. Let cool, then add the milk and continue from there."

Either way, you'll then pour the mixture into the pie shell. Push in your wafer cookies.Cover with whipped cream and freeze for several hours.

Overall, despite the mix-up with the wafer cookies we thought this was a success. The filling was light and creamy and the lemon flavor was not over powerful. The wrong vanilla wafers looked interesting in the pie, but the correct nilla wafers might have held up to the freezing process better. However, this is something I will make again.


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