Asparagus, Beet and Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

Here is a breakfast made with leftover ingredients, actually including the eggs. I was inspired to make this sandwich when I needed egg yolks for a pie, and thought I might surprise Alecia with a healthy and delectable meal, and get some things out of the refrigerator at the same time. Your ingredients don't need to be old like mine, but do consider putting things together that you have and seeing what comes out: it's a lot of the fun in cooking! This sandwich was impromptu, and bright and filling.

-Asparagus, handful
-Beets, 2
-Egg whites from 3 eggs
-Italian bread, 4 slices
-Parmesan cheese
-Salt, red pepper, black pepper, and parsley

Roughly chop the asparagus, the pieces ought to be bite-sized. Next, peel the beets and chop them on an old cutting board, being careful to not rub beet juice on your pajamas.

They're not white yet, they're clear, they'll be white once they're cooked. To get the yolk out, do the thing where the person breaks the shell in two and transfers the yolk back and forth between them until all the white is in the bowl. I'm told that if you get any shell in the white and have to pick it out, it ruins the eggs if you want to make meringue. I am frying them, so it's fine.

Please now saute the beets and asparagus.

Toast the bread. I had to chop the sides off my slices to fit them in the toaster. Try to avoid this, but it's not a big deal.

I fried the egg whites and added Parmesan cheese. Then I assembled the sandwiches and finished with seasonings.

Careful flipping them over to build the complete sandwich. It's a filling and healthy breakfast and a good use of extra food.


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