Mouse Melon Salsa

We needed to switch our CSA pick-up from Wednesday night to Saturday morning this week and I had the chance to accompany Dave to the Farmer's Market. It was great meeting Matt, the farmer who provides our CSA, and seeing all of the different stands. We were headed to Oktoberfest directly after picking-up our CSA box so I didn't have the opportunity to browse too much, but on the way out of the Farmer's Market I saw these delightful little things at the Barton Farms and Gardens (Randolph, Ohio) stand. I had seen these before online, but I guess I didn't really know what they were. Some people call them Cucamelons, others Mouse Melons (this was Dave's preferred name), and others call them Mexican Sour Gherkins. These bite size cucumbers look like watermelons made for a mouse and taste like a sour cucumber with quite the crunch.  These were too cute to pass up and the woman offered them to me for a discount. 

Once we had them at home there really wasn't a plan today. Most places online recommend pickling them or serving them in place of cucumber in any recipe. We both loved this, the colors were vibrant, the salsa was zesty, and it had a good variety of textures. 

Recipe slightly adapted from Edward Dirse as shared by The Toronto Star

-1 lime, zest and juice
-1 small shallot, chopped
-1 small jalapeno pepper, minced
-1 cup halved grape tomatoes
-1 cup mouse melons, halved if desired
-1 cup cooked corn kernels (1 ear of corn)
-1 teaspoon dried dill
-Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
-Tortilla chips for dipping

Combine lime zest and juice with chopped shallot. Wash, cut and add jalapeno, tomatoes, and mouse melons. Add corn, dill, salt and pepper, toss until evenly mixed. Plate with chips and a spoon for service.




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