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Lemon Layer Cake

                                                                  Happy 10th Anniversary to Vegetarian & Cooking. I actually had to be convinced that this was the 10th blogiversary because it really didn't seem like it had been that long. For the cake this year I didn't want to go too crazy in terms of preparation or decor. This lemon layer cake looked great and was a big hit with the friends who helped me eat the rest of the cake.  As always, I'm incredibly humbled by how far my little project has come from my college kitchen to now. I'm looking forward to more ramp recipes, CSA ingredient experiments, and more posts in 2022. When I first started Vegetarian & Cooking in 2012 I had no idea that I would still be posting 10 years later and it's incredible to see how far the content, photos, and writing has come since that time.  Past Milestones: Year One:  S'mores Cake Year Two:  Whopper Cake Year Three:  Chocolate Turtle Cake Year Four:  Red Velvet Oreo T

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