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Vanilla Blood Orange Almond Cake

                                                     Happy Eleventh Blogiversary to Vegetarian & Cooking! This recipe made A LOT of cake. In addition to the cake pictured here, I also had enough extra batter for eighteen cupcakes. The blogiversary prep also took the entire month of February because I tried a different cake recipe that didn't turn out so I've had cake crumbs, cupcakes, and now slices of cake to deliver to friends. Early reviews of this Vanilla Blood Orange Almond Cake are very positive. You'll notice this isn't the first blood orange blogiversary cake I've made and I'll be honest I'm a little obsessed with it.  This year of Vegetarian & Cooking was a little crazy because I bought a house this year (if you know, you know) but we're signed up for our annual CSA with Birdsong Farms again and I moved into 2023 with a renewed interest in cooking at home. As always, I'm honored some of you continue to follow this little project thro

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