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White Chocolate Cranberry Tart

This white chocolate cranberry tart combines a few recipes and was my first time using agar agar (a vegan gelatin substitute). While I certainly don't recommend using a product for the first time on Thanksgiving I've tested this out so you don't have to. I will note that I was worried about messing up the agar agar so I leaned into making the cranberry filling like that recipe did which created a pretty tart filling. I don't think it's bad and if you don't want an overly sweet dessert that's the way to go but if you want something a bit sweeter you might want to add more syrup or sugar into that step. Additionally, unlike gelatin agar agar does not need to set overnight but I love to try to make things in advance to make blog Thanksgiving easier so I made the tart and poured the filling into the crust the night before and then added the white chocolate the morning of making the meal. Happy Thanksgiving! Crust recipe from Baking for Friends  and cranberry fil

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