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Why did you start this blog? This blog started out as a simple idea and has turned into something amazing. Before I started this blog I was a college student and spent almost all of my money on eating out. When I was graduating from college, I wanted to change that and started this blog to help save money and to lead a healthier life. When I started out I was the only blogger, posted a few times a month and was not very confident in the kitchen. Over the years, I've made a lot of recipes. Through the hard work of myself and some friends, I was able to start posting daily for several years.

Although I don't post daily anymore, this blog continues to be a fun hobby for me. My husband and parents are constantly amazed at the skills I am developing in the kitchen. As my life continues to evolve my cooking skills and this blog will continue to evolve -- I have enjoyed seeing how the recipes have changed as I graduated from law school, became a lawyer, adjusted to a busy work schedule and got married. I cannot wait to see how the blog evolves as my career and marriage continue to grow.

Where do your recipes come from? Most of the recipes that I make come from Pinterest, a cookbook or a magazine -- I always give credit to the original source of the recipe. Other recipes come from old family recipes, inspiration I've had from messing around in the kitchen as well as an attempt to copy a restaurant recipe that I enjoyed. If the recipe is mine, I will note it. If I make small modifications to someone else's recipe I will note the recipe as "adapted" or "slightly adapted" and if I make large modifications I will note the recipe as "inspired by" instead of adapted.

What brand of ingredients do you use? With most recipes you can use any brand of ingredient that you would like to use unless I specify, I shop at a wide variety of stores for the ingredients, and one of those stores is a local chain so their store-brand ingredients won't be available everywhere.

Are your recipes vegan? Gluten-free? I am a vegetarian so some of my recipes occasionally fall into the vegan category and we have made things which are gluten-free. Someone who is vegan or gluten-free is the best one to judge one of our posts in order to make the necessary ingredient adjustments to make the recipe work for their dietary preferences/restrictions. If I know 100% that a recipe is vegan or gluten-free, then I do my best to label the recipe as such.

Hey, I didn't think that ______________ was a vegetarian ingredient? Marshmallows, Parmesan cheese, Guinness are all ingredients which fall into a grey category between vegetarianism and veganism. These products are all made with some sort of animal by-product. Everyone who is vegetarian or vegan has to decide how to approach the gray area of their lifestyle choice and my ingredient lists speak volumes about how I approach mine. I try to be respectful of the dietary choices of others, as I hope people are of mine.

My favorite blog about this subject is from Healthy Tipping Point -- The Gray Area: Are Marshmallows Vegetarian? If you're interested in reading more about the subject then check out that article, I would highly recommend it.

Why/when did you become a vegetarian? I've been a vegetarian since I was 16, so thirteen years, it was a lifestyle choice that I always wanted to make so I took the plunge and haven't turned back since. No one else in my immediate family was a vegetarian when I was growing up although my husband typically eats meatless meals.

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  1. Hi Alecia,

    Hope this finds you well! Wanted to get in touch as I found your blog and think it's wonderful! We may have the chance to get you involved in one of our segments (I work for a daytime TV show) with your adorable corn on the cob cupcakes! Please email me at brittany.groth@cbs.com with a number to reach you at as soon as possible!



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