Food Tour of Savannah, GA

The second half of our vacation was spent in Savannah, GA. Dave and I got a hotel in the Historic District and my best friend married her husband at one of the historic hotels. Our first day was spent checking into our hotel and preparing for the wedding. After the wedding (on Sunday) a lot of places weren't open so the entire group ended up at Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub.

The Pub was hosting a trivia night and the winners kept sending us pitchers of beer to congratulate Sara and Matt.

I didn't get a photo of this one.
This is from their website!

Dave had the pasta primavera.
It was just okay. We had only eaten once around noon that day and we were eating at this Pub at 10pm.
All food was welcome.

I had the Veggie Sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, roasted red pepper and onion.
It was also served with a chipotle mayo.
After a week of eating out it was nice to eat some fresh vegetables. 

Dave and I made time to enjoy a full day in Savannah. We stayed at the Country inn and Suites and all of these restaurants and locations were within walking distance of our hotel. It was incredibly hot all day, I recommend lots of sunscreen, water and sundresses if you're a lady.

Our first stop was the Gryphon Cafe.
This cafe is owned by the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).
The servers are students of SCAD ours was a student in industrial design.

Dave and I split the special of the day.
A quiche of asparagus, tomatoes and goat cheese.
We chose a slice of melon as a side dish and it came with a simple salad.

We also split a side of cucumber salad.
This had some sort of yogurt (or sour cream?) sauce and a strong dill flavor.

After we walked, over to Leopold's Ice Cream. They say they are the inventors of the Tutti Fruitti ice cream flavor. That didn't look appealing to us so we ordered something else.

Single Scoop of Coffee with Chocolate Chips.
Dave and I both enjoyed this and it was perfect for the hot Savannah Day.

Next we hit up River Street.
This is from River Street Sweets.

We ordered two pralines.
These are sugar and pecan...those are all of the flavors we could taste.
Very, very sweet.

Our next stop also on River Street was our favorite location of the afternoon. The Savannah Bee Company sells skin care products as well as a variety of honey products. They ship all over the US, but the best part about going to the store is the in store tastings. (They didn't pay me to say this and the guy at the counter was super nice about letting me take photos).

This is honeycomb served with apple and cheese.
This is an up close view of the honeycomb, cheese and green apple.

All of these honeys are available for tasting.
There is a man behind the counter full of information about each as well as other honey information.
Dave said he couldn't taste too much of a difference, but I really enjoyed the cheese honey which pairs best with cheeses.

After taking a break Dave and I went out for dinner at the Moon River Brewing Company. This was a place I chose more for Dave than for me. He enjoys trying different types of beer so this was ideal for him.

This appetizer was a goat cheese and leek cake served with balsamic reduction.
We thought this was okay, the primary flavor came from the leeks.
We also thought it was a little out of place on the overall menu.

For dinner we split the build your own veggie burger. They didn't have a house made veggie patty, but I really appreciate when restaurants offer a vegetarian option. We added sauteed mushrooms and jack cheese. As a side we split:

Smoked Gouda Scalloped Potatoes.
These were good, they were very cheesy and rich. 

The next place we went was great. Jen's & Friends is a bar which serves 300+ varieties of martinis and 200+ beers. While we were there we enjoyed three martinis. We also watched all of the other drinks which were made: Elvis, a martini which included peanut butter, marshmallow, banana and an optional bacon rim. The Gummy Shark which was an ocean blue martini with a gummy shark floating in it.

Our first drink was the Rice Krispie Treat Martini.
I thought this one was good, it was rimmed with marshmallow fluff and rice krispies. 

Then we had the Cookie Dough Martini. 

Another angle for the Cookie Dough Martini.
This was a little strong, the end was good when all of the cookie broke-up into the drink.

For our last drink we wanted to move away from the super sweet drinks and tried the Blood Orange Martini.
This one might have been my favorite.
The blood orange color was beautiful, but the alcohol flavor wasn't too strong. 

On the way back to the hotel for the evening we went to Vinnie Van Go Go's for pizza. They only accept cash and neither of us carries a lot of cash so we ended up with a calzone instead of a pizza.

This calzone was huge, totally worth the $8.

You could add two toppings we chose broccoli and garlic.
It was a little difficult to eat in the hotel room because we didn't want to make a mess.
The calzone had good flavor, when the broccoli cooked it made the bottom a little soggy though. 

Our favorite location was the Savannah Bee Company. The honey tasting was a lot of fun and the employee there was incredibly knowledgeable and upbeat. If I had more money I would have bought a ton of different things from their store to incorporate into blogs. That just means that we need to take another trip.

This time we both agreed that Gryphon was our favorite restaurant that we tried. The meal that we split was very good and the ambiance of the restaurant was great. Our second favorite location was Jen's & Friend's. We had a great time sitting at the bar, talking to the waitress and watching the crazy martinis that other people were ordering. Overall, we had a wonderful time in Savannah, everything we went to was within walking distance of our hotel and we had no difficulty getting around on foot which is always a plus in a city.


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