Blackberry Pomegranate Sangria

This post is coming to you early this morning because Dave and I are taking a road trip to see my best friend! I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend several days with her and to see her get married. I'll still be posting daily, but expect an awesome blog post once we get back of all of the delicious things we ate.

You can take a food blogger on vacation, but you cannot pull her away from the food. I'm a huge planner and all of my planning efforts have been centered around where we can eat. Thank goodness for Dave keeping me in line or we'd have no other plans.

Recipe adapted from Katie's Cucina.

-3 cups Cranberry Pomegranate Juice
-1 cup red wine
-1/2 cup fresh blackberries
-1 lemon, sliced

Add the fruit to the bottom of a pitcher. Add the liquid ingredients and let sit for several hours. Serve over ice.

We made this sangria at a movie night with some of our friends and it was a hit. The flavors on this sangria are pretty mellow. It had a strong berry flavor. Sangria is best if you let it sit and have time for all of the juice and alcohol to soak into the fruit.


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