Spicy Mango Tortilla Pizza

After we made the pineapple, kiwi and mango skillet pizza earlier in the month I have been craving another mango pizza. There's a great modern Mexican restaurant in the city where Dave and I go to grad school -- they serve these awesome margarita flights with customizable rims and one of their most popular is a mango margarita with a chili rim. This recipe is inspired by that sweet and spicy combination.

A Vegetarian & Cooking! original.

-4 taco sized tortillas
-Small can of tomato paste
-Garlic Powder
-Onion Powder
-1 mango, diced
-Crushed red pepper
-Shredded mozzarella

Spread the tortillas out on a baking sheet. Make your sauce by adding a little water to the tomato paste (until it's your desired sauce consistency). Add the four spices below to taste. As you can see, we added quite a bit. Spread the sauce onto the tortillas. Top with cheese, add the mango, and sprinkle with crushed red pepper. Bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes.

These pizzas were really good. The sweet and spicy combination is nice because it's different from something that is is typically served. It's especially good on pizza because it is out of the ordinary. You can customize these pizzas however you like. Two small ones was a good meal for me with a side, if you wanted to make this more filling you could use larger tortillas and more toppings.


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