Bean and Squash Burgers

Happy-Day-Late-Grilling-Wednesday! This is the first grilling recipe of this series. I have a lot of great recipes planned -- what I think is a nice variety. There are several burgers, but I have a lot of other really nice grill recipes planned that are hopefully going to be something different to spice up your grilling season.

It will be Grilling Wednesday from June until the end of August (and all other posts will be on the correct day). In September I will switch to a new Wednesday theme.

Recipe adapted from Vegan Sandra.

-2 14 oz cans kidney beans
-2 onions, diced
-3 medium yellow squash, shredded 
-3 tsp curry powder
-Salt and pepper
-¾ cup whole-wheat flour

Mix together all of the ingredients in a large bowl. Then form patties with the burgers, it should form 8-9 patties. Place the patties on a well-oiled grill. You want them to get golden brown on each side.

If desired add a little bit of cheese during the grilling process so that it melts over the patties. Serve on buns or alone. I made a quick sauce out of ketchup and mayo to layer over these, use whatever you want.

Everyone in my family enjoyed these burgers, even the carnivores. My dad thought there was a little too much onion, but overall these were a hit. They were really easy to make and had good flavor. Dave had been concerned about how they'd hold up on the grill, but everything was fine with that. A successful start to the Grilling Wednesday season. 


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