10 Most Popular Blogs of 2013

Instead of posting a new recipe, to wind down the year we like to post a review of our most popular blogs of the year. Enjoy this review and check back tomorrow for a new post! Happy New Year's Eve to everyone, have a great and safe evening. Cheers!

10 Most Popular Blogs of 2012

1.) Tortellini Bake, this blog from May 2013 is by far our most popular blog, we see it pinned everywhere! If you haven't made it yet, you should check it out, incredibly easy and delicious comfort food. 

2.) Hocus Pocus Buns, from July 2012 is another favorite. If you're looking for something easy to make, you most likely have most of the ingredients.

3.) Spiked Hot Caramel Apple Cider, an easy adults-only beverage from October 2013 which became popular on Pinterest. We made ours in the crock pot, but you could easily heat this up on the stove top. 

4.) Truffle Mac and Cheese, also from May 2013, this mac and cheese was our first decadent recipe using truffle oil. Although we didn't love it, we're starting to get a lot better at nuancing the strong flavor of truffle.  

5.) Football Cupcakes, from December 2013 became super popular on Pinterest due to football season. You can easily change the colors to customize the cupcakes for your team or to create a cupcake football field with colored end zones.

6.) Mexican Corn, from November 2013, four ingredients and incredibly easy. A great side dish for taco night or fajita night! 

7.) Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Dip, from November 2013, is a fantastic appetizer that is made in the 1.5 quart crock pot. This was a hit with my picky boyfriend and with Becky's parents.

8.) S'mores Cake, from February 2013, this cake recipe marked the 1 year blog-iversarry of us creating Vegetarian & Cooking! featured on both Tastespotting and The Berry (check out the Milestones tab above for details) this cake is perfect for any occasion. This was also a special project we worked on with my friend Kayla, we've done many collaborations with her since then, check out her work here.

9.) Baked Avocado, from April 2013, eight ingredients (most of which you already have) and less than ten minutes to put together. This recipe is perfect for busy week nights.

10.) Olive Garden Five Cheese Ziti Copy Recipe, from December 2012, this is one of my favorite recipes, I always order this dinner whenever we go to Olive Garden and this recipe was almost an exact replica.


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