Lemon Yogurt Olive Oil Cake

I made this cake when Dave and I had some of our friends over for dinner. There are a lot of steps, but the smell that was wafting from my oven while this was baking was 100% worth it. This went over really well with our friends and I was happy with how everything turned out.

I apologize that these are not my best photos! These were taken during the stage when I was still struggling with the best location in the apartment to take my blog photographs. Make the cake. The results will speak for themselves.

Recipe adapted from Kitchen Treaty


-2 cups all-purpose flour
-3 teaspoons baking powder
-1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
-2 cups plain Greek yogurt
-1 1/3 cups granulated sugar, divided
-3 eggs
-1 tablespoon grated lemon zest 
-1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
-1/2 cup olive oil

-1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 
-1/3 cup granulated sugar

-1 cup confectioners' sugar
-2 tablespoons freshly squeezed Meyer lemon juice

In a large mixing-bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt. In a medium mixing-bowl, whisk together the yogurt, 1 cup sugar, eggs, lemon zest, and vanilla.  Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir with a whisk until just incorporated -- do not over mix!! Fold in the olive oil.

In a small bowl mix together the ingredients for the syrup.

Pour batter into a greased 8x8 pan. Bake for 50 minutes. Remove from oven and cool for 10 minutes. Pour the syrup over the cake. Once the cake is completely cooled, spread with glaze.

This cake was amazing. The cake was incredibly moist due to the yogurt and the olive oil. The syrup added a tangy element and the glaze helped to finish it off with sweetness. I was very pleased with how this recipe turned out -- it was sweet without being too sweet making it a nice summer dessert.


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