Fruit Pizza

-1 package sugar cookie dough
-3 cups whipped cream
*-Assorted fruit (I used kiwis and strawberries)

Press dough evenly into pizza pan and bake as directed.

Fruits, yum :)

Spread whipped cream onto the "crust".

Arrange fruit slices over the whipped topping.
This recipe was great! It only had four ingredients and all of them came at a relatively low cost. The fresh fruit made a really great contrast to the pre-made cookie crust and the whipped cream made the dessert taste light although calorie-wise it's not the greatest.

This recipe came from the 3-Ingredient Cookbook, 4-Ingredient Cookbook, 5- Ingredient Cookbook.


  1. That looks fun! Thanks for sharing it at Carole's Chatter Food on Friday kiwi linky party.


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