Green Tomato Tartines

The abundance of tomatoes continues, but with green tomatoes this time. I had a green tomato soup recipe I wanted to make, but I just made roasted tomato soup with ripe tomatoes, so I decided to skip that idea. This recipe looked like it was easy to put together which is always appealing for a week night dinner.

I loved the tart combination from the green tomatoes and olives. This dish is probably not for everyone, the green tomatoes are tart, the olives are briny, and some people just hate raw shallots/onions. This is the kind of dish I love to eat, and the combination of warm/raw ingredients created a nice juxtaposition. I happily ate mine!  

Recipe from a Couple Cooks

-2 large green tomatoes
-1 shallot
-¼ cup Kalamata olives
-1 handful fresh herbs (for example, dill, basil, and chives)
-4 slices crusty bread, we used ciabatta 
-4 ounces goat cheese
-Olive oil
-Kosher salt

Toast the bread slices and while the bread is toasting -- slice the green tomatoes and thinly slice the shallot. Coarsely chop the olives and the herbs.

In a skillet, heat a few drizzles of olive oil. Place the tomato slices in the skillet and sprinkle generously with kosher salt. Heat until softened and just golden, about 3 minutes per side. Taste and add additional salt as necessary.

On each slice of bread, spread the goat cheese and then top with the warm tomatoes, shallots, olives, and herbs. Serve immediately.


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