BBQ Jackfruit Grilled Cheese

This dish uses prepared BBQ Jackfruit as a main component -- if you're not familiar with jackfruit, it's a big rugby-ball-sized fruit with a spiky brown exterior and a white flesh inside. While it's possible to buy and break down whole or segmented jackfruit for yourself, save yourself the trouble and get it packaged. It's often compared for its consistency to pulled pork, it has shredded pieces of similar size and texture. For me it was similar to artichoke heart. The BBQ flavor profile follows naturally from the pulled pork comparison, and the semi-sloppy BBQ Jackfruit grilled cheese with melty provolone and crunchy, hearty toast seemed the perfect use.

-Hearty bread, 2 slices (per serving)
-1/2 cup shredded provolone cheese
-1/3 cup BBQ jackfruit
-salt, as needed

Prepare BBQ jackfruit according to package instructions. The jackfruit we purchased came in a box with a bearded face on the front and an "unrefined" feel, the method for preparation I used involved heating on the stovetop. The jackfruit was flavorful, but I found at this stage needed a touch of salt.

Over medium heat, melt butter or coat frying pan with cooking spray. Layer hearty bread, 1/4 cup provolone cheese, BBQ jackfruit, and remaining cheese. Cook until cheese is melted, being sure to flip half-way through. The frying heat is moderate so the cheese can melt on this thick sandwich without the bread browning too quickly.


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