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Lutenitsa and Labneh with Naan

On a recent trip to New Orleans with our group of friends we decided to try Shaya, a restaurant focusing on approaching "Israeli cuisine as a grand mosaic, drawing influence and inspiration from North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece." We all had a lovely experience and for Dave and me it was hands down the best place we ate in NOLA. As part of our meal we shared a Salatim plate of three items including labenh (a yogurt dip), lutenitsa (an eggplant and pepper dip), and tabouleh. Everything was served with the best pita any of us had ever eaten, it's seriously a must visit next time you're in New Orleans.

The labneh and lutenitsa were incredible together and it was something I immediately wanted to recreate at home when we received eggplant in our CSA basket. Since we enjoyed them together at Shaya I decided to make one post combining the two recipes since they are both relatively simple. Either could act as a stand alone appetizer if you wan…

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