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Spicy Tofu Sandwich with Pickled Vegetables

This sandwich is my new favorite and I can't wait to make it again. The leftovers were just as good as the sandwich the night before. There are a lot of ingredients but the vegetables are pickled overnight so that's not something that you need to worry about while you're trying to make dinner. The marinade on the tofu gave it a great flavor and the sesame oil in the blend really helped to pull it over the top. This sandwich has a wide variety of textures and is spicy, savory, and briny all at the same time. The sriracha mayo has a little bit of a kick but we served this with gochujang ketchup (mixed equal parts) and tater tots and it was worth it. The gochujang has a depth of flavor that the sriracha does not...this sandwich would probably be really good with gochujang mayo. 
Adapted from Lazy Cat Kitchen.

-4 sandwich rolls (we've been obsessed with these Bistro Buns from Brooklyn Bred)
-a wedge of cabbage, thinly sliced
-2 small cucumbers, ribboned
-2 sm…

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