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Roasted Brussels Sprout Tacos with Sriracha Aioli

I never had brussels sprouts before I started dating Dave, because one of my parents doesn't like them, so I had no reason to seek them out on my own. Now that I've had them I'm obsessed, roasted brussels sprouts are the perfect amount of savory and caramelized and they go great with so many other ingredients.

I've been an avid Oh My Veggie reader for years, so when I saw this recipe I thought why not? We had never tried to put brussels into a taco before, and like with most of their recipes this one was straightforward and easy to follow.

While we enjoyed this recipe, we ended up thinking it was just okay. I personally hate corn tortillas, there is a restaurant near us that makes fantastic ones that can hold up to any taco filling. It just seems that whenever I purchase my own it always ends up falling apart and you can see that start to happen in these photos. Dave liked the combination of the brussels sprouts with the sriracha aioli. It's something I might make…

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