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Gnocchi Bake

Tortellini Bake is hands down the most popular recipe I have ever posted on Vegetarian & Cooking. Posted in May 2013, I never expected the recipe to take off like it did. As of December 15th, 2018 Tortellini Bake has 222,422 views and is consistently ranked the number one blog of the week per my tracker (for reference the next most popular blog on Vegetarian & Cooking has 29,132 views). I even had to go in and add a watermark on all of my photos to prevent people from stealing them. When I started dating Dave he thought Tortellini Bake was great but he always wanted to add additional vegetables to the recipe. I wanted something simple, but flavorful to cook for dinner recently and decided to switch up the original tortellini bake a la Dave's favorite way (plenty of veggies) with gnocchi added instead of tortellini. I forgot to purchase mozzarella and parmesan at the store and used the cheese I had on hand. The result was a 9x13 pan of deliciousness. Dave thanked me for mak…

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