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Cranberry Orange Cinnamon Rolls

The final recipe for Christmas brunch is cranberry orange cinnamon rolls. I wanted something that could be made/prepped in advance and my family has a tradition of eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning so these seemed like a good fit. These were another hit for our Christmas brunch (and with the friends who got some of the leftovers). Neither of us prefers a ton of frosting so we cut the frosting recipe in half and just drizzled it over the rolls instead of completely topping them with frosting. The rolls are not overly sweet, you can taste the orange and cranberry without any of the flavors being overwhelming. I reheated some in both the oven and microwave. Both methods worked fine for reheating the rolls. I hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend!  Recipe from My Baking Addiction . Ingredients: Dough and Filling -1/3 cup sugar -1/2 tablespoon orange zest -4 1/2 to 5 cups all purpose flour -3 (0.25 ounce) packets instant yeast -1 teaspoon salt -1 1/2 cups water -6 tablespoons

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