Avocado Curry

Inspired by the tatsoi in our farm box to make a vegetable stir fry, we decided to replicate the avocado curry dish we find so intriguing at a local Thai restaurant. After perusing a few avocado curry recipes online and finding none to appear quite what we were looking for, we put this together from a general sense of what should go in it, from the selection of vegetables to the ingredients that would make for a creamy and flavorful sauce. The combination of fresh taste and rich texture makes it easy to go back for more. Based on preference, serve with hot pepper flakes for added heat or a splash of lime juice for a thinner sauce.

Vegetarian & Cooking original by Dave.

-1 1/2 cups raw green beans, halved and ends removed
-1 onion, large diced
-1 crown broccoli, cut small
-1 yellow bell pepper, sliced
-3/4 cup tatsoi, chopped
-1/4 cup grape tomatoes, halved
-2 avocado, divided
-1 lime, divided
-1 jalapeno, seeds removed
-2 tablespoons green curry paste
-1 tablespoon soy sauce
-1 tablespoon minced garlic
-1 teaspoon minced ginger
-1/2 can coconut milk, divided
-Salt and pepper, to taste
-2 cups cooked jasmine rice
-4 eggs, over easy (optional)

Add onion to hot wok or large skillet with 1-2 tablespoons oil, cook, stirring, about three minutes. Toss green beans and bell pepper with onions and cook for an additional two minutes. Add broccoli, cook four minutes more, then tatsoi for two minutes, and grape tomatoes for one last minute.

While the vegetables are cooking, and between stirring, blend half an avocado, half a lime, the jalapeno, green curry paste, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and 1/4 can coconut milk, plus salt and pepper. Pour puree into wok in the last one to two minutes of cook time, along with the remaining 1/4 can coconut milk. Chop the remaining avocado halves into pieces and stir into vegetables. The creamy avocado sauce will cling to the vegetables.

Serve over jasmine rice, with lime garnish. Feel free to add an over easy egg for added protein and richness.


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