Pizza Bagels with Collard Greens and Mushrooms

When we received collard greens in our CSA this week, I didn't want to do something obvious and saute them to serve as a side dish. I've been on a pizza kick lately and if kale can make it's way into any dish than collard greens can go on pizza. Dave wanted to make individual bagel pizzas, so we just went with it and picked ingredients that sounded great. Think of this like a build-your-own pizza -- if you don't like mushrooms, don't use them; do you prefer broccoli, add it; did you get zucchini in you CSA and want to use it instead, go for it!

-2 large egg bagels (or whatever flavor you like)
-4-6 tablespoons roasted garlic pizza sauce
-1/2 cup Italian 6-cheese blend
-3 strips vegan bacon
-8-10 cremini mushrooms
-3 large leaves collard greens, chopped
-1/4 cup goat cheese

Split the bagels and toast them until golden. While the bagels toast, dice the mushrooms and saute for three minutes, add the chopped greens and saute for thirty more seconds. Set aside.

Cook the vegan bacon, then chop. Assemble the ingredients on top of the toasted bagels in the order listed above. Bake at 325 degrees for seven minutes and enjoy!


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