Egg in a Bell Pepper

I love a good breakfast recipe...and I especially love a good breakfast recipe that doesn't require too many ingredients. I found the inspiration for this recipe on Pintrest, there was no recipe linked to the picture, but the visual instructions are easy enough to follow.

- Oil or Cooking Spray
- Bell Peppers
- Eggs
- Bread (optional)

You can use any color of bell pepper, in fact, a combination of colors would be good if you were making this for a large group -- each bell pepper will yield four rings. Also, tailor the number of peppers and eggs to the number of servings you will be making.

This was another good opportunity to go out to the garden -- there are lots of baby bell peppers out there, that's about to become a key ingredient.

Gather your ingredients.
Cut the stem off the pepper, taking care to remove the seeds but to leave the pepper mostly intact. Then slice the pepper into 1/4 inch rings. Once the rings are made, remove the interiors ribs of the pepper from each ring.

Place peppers into a heated pan. Flip once.

Add eggs.

My pepper rings were too deep for my eggs to cook sunny-side-up, so I gave them a flip.
Serve with toast.
Perfect for breakfast :)
I'm a big fan of having my eggs sunny-side-up, poached or over-easy so this breakfast recipe was perfect for me. It's also easy enough to serve to a large crowd and can be done cheaply. I will be making this one again!


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