Failed Chocolate Chip Cookies


I've posted 35+ times on this blog and have never had a recipe that turned out as poorly as this American staple. Quite often my recipes turn out really well, so in order to keep myself humble here are my failed chocolate chip cookies. 

This recipe is the recipe that my mom always uses for chocolate chip cookies entitled "The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies"...I won't post the recipe because I'm going to save it for a future post when these cookies hopefully turn out correctly. 

These cookies include normal baking ingredients. 

And I ate some of the cookie dough even though I wasn't supposed to , they tasted fine.

Mixing the cookies.
I was pretty excited for the cookies.

I told my boyfriend that he put too many cookies onto the cookie sheet.

This was the result.

Flat square cookies.
I insisted that the next batch go in with a lot of space around each ball of dough and once again got paper thin cookies. I must not have been paying attention because somewhere in the recipe something went wrong. Expect a redemption blog eventually.


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