Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shots

This was my other contribution to the weekend at the lake. I originally found this idea on Pintrest on a blog called Erica Sweet Tooth...however she didn't have a recipe. After asking some adults in my life (mainly my boss) about making chocolate covered strawberries I decided to find a real recipe to ensure that these would turn out great.


Edible shot glasses
- 1 box of strawberries (look for large berries or you'll have tiny shots)
- Half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Shots- Chocolate Syrup
- Chocolate Vodka
- Vanilla Vodka

Choose large strawberries or you'll have baby  shot glasses.

Cut a little bit off the bottom of the strawberry.
So the strawberry shots will be able to stand up.
Cut the top of the strawberry off and hollow out the inside with a melon baller.
Be careful not to cut a hole in the bottom or the sides.

Hollowed out strawberries.
Ready to be dipped in chocolate and filled with alcohol. 
Make sure the outside of the strawberries is dry or the chocolate will not hold.

Melt chocolate in the microwave on half power for 1 minute, stir. Repeat on half power until the chocolate is melted and shiny.

Dip the strawberries into the chocolate. Lift and twist.

Place the dipped strawberries on a plate covered with wax paper.

Dipped chocolate goodness.
I had some left over chocolate so I lightly coated the bottom of some of the larger strawberries and drizzled the chocolate over the smaller strawberries.

You can transport the strawberries on the plate covered in wax paper or in an egg carton. I lined my egg carton with plastic wrap and then transported all eighteen strawberry "shot glasses".

Due to the fact that all of the strawberries will be different sizes there is no measurement for the amount of filling that will go into them, so just fill each strawberry with chocolate syrup then with either chocolate vodka or vanilla vodka -- I made half with one and half with the other.



  1. They were delicious! You should make it sometime, let me know how it turns out :)


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