Love Potion Cocktail

This recipe was meant to be a drink for children... but a love potion without alcohol wasn't working for me.

-1 can pink lemonade concentrate
-Raspberry sherbet
-1 can lemon-lime soda

Mix the pink lemonade according to the package directions.

I then mixed each drink in an individual glass, filling it with however much vodka I wanted (about a shot per glass). I then would add two scoops of sherbet to the glass. I finished the drink by filling the glass halfway with pink lemonade and half way with you can tell college taught me to be quite the bartender (it's nice to have a little variety in each glass.)

Overall a good drink, it would be nice for a special occasion like Valentine's Day. It was very frothy and refreshing...and of course easily varied to be a non-alcoholic or a more-alcoholic beverage.


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