Red, White and Blue Yogurt Parfait

Happy Fourth of July! It finally stopped raining here, so we've already been able to enjoy part of the weekend outdoors. 

Normally I wouldn't advocate for a specific type of product, but we made two versions of this parfait one with the Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! and one with plain Greek yogurt. The Yoplait was a lot easier to use to make layers and I think it tasted a lot better.

Inspired by Jeanette's Healthy Living

-Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! Vanilla Cupcake

Layer the yogurt, granola and berries in whatever pattern you'd like. I used eight ounce stemless glasses, this would also be cute in a wine glass or a martini glass if you'd like to be eating a lot of yogurt parfait. 

Dave and I both really enjoyed eating this for breakfast. As I mentioned above, using the whipped yogurt made for better layers and because it was already sweetened I think it helped to balance out some of the tart flavor in the blueberries.

Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy your celebration and be safe! 


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