4th of July Milkshakes

This recipe didn't turn out 100% the way I wanted it to, but it was pretty tasty and easy to make. The idea was that the colors would sit on top of each other in clear layers, but the milkshake mixture was already pretty soft due to my use of frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. I don't feel too bad though, because the blogger I got the idea from had some similar issues.

Inspired by Pint Sized Baker.

-Vanilla frozen yogurt
-1% milk
-Red food coloring
-Blue food coloring
-Whipped topping

In a blender mix together the frozen yogurt and 1% milk. For two 8 ounce milkshakes I used 3 cups of frozen yogurt and one cup of milk.

Once blended, pour 1/3 in a bowl and another 1/3 into a bowl, working quickly mix blue food coloring into the milkshake of one bowl and red food coloring into the milkshake of the other.

Pour into glasses, although they won't layer, they'll swirl together. Top with the remaining undyed milkshake and serve topped with whipped cream.

These were milkshakes so they were of course very tasty. The swirled effect was cool, I'm a little disappointed that the layering didn't work out, but overall I was still pretty happy to have a milkshake.


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