Papaya Boats

Our new grocery store has a wide array of exotic fruits, so when I saw this papaya "recipe" it seemed like the perfect excuse to try something new. This is a pretty simple idea and could be used for a variety of fruits or melons (think Cantaloupe Boats). We ate these for breakfast, one boat could serve one person generously or two people as a snack if you don't mind sharing.

Recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Boat 1
-1.5 cups blueberry Greek yogurt
-1 tablespoon chia seeds
-Red grapes, halved.

Boat 2
-1.5 cups key lime pie Greek yogurt
-1 tablespoon chia seeds

First, scoop all of the seeds out of the papayas and discard -- this was easy to do with a large spoon. Then layer some of the dry ingredients on the bottom, top with yogurt, and top with even more dry ingredients/fruit. Eat with a spoon, making sure to scoop out bites of the papaya in every bite.


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