Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll

Happy National Avocado Day! We love to order sushi, but always get an order of all of the vegan rolls. Sweet potato sushi is my favorite, but anything with avocado is a close second. Once you get the hang of it rolling sushi isn't too difficult. Aside from the fact that I squished some of the pieces while trying to cut the rolls I think this was a pretty close duplicate to what we receive in our take-out order. The only noticeable difference was in the wasabi paste that Dave picked up, it was a lot spicier than what we're used to getting from any of the sushi restaurants around us. This sushi roll uses most of the cucumber that we received in our CSA last week. 

Recipe from The Viet Vegan.

-1 cup sushi rice (short grain, sticky)
-1 cup water (or cook according to your rice cooker or the package of rice)
-1/4 cup rice vinegar
-1/8 cup white granulated sugar
-1/2 tsp salt
-3-4 pieces of nori (roasted seaweed)
-6-8 long pieces of cucumber
-1 avocado, sliced and lemon juice to drizzle on avocado to keep from browning
-2 tablespoons sesame seeds
-soy sauce for dipping

Lay a nori wrap flat on your sushi mat and spread 1/2 cup of rice over about two-thirds of the surface, you'll want to spread the rice to the side edges and to the edge closest to you. Add a few avocado slices and a few cucumber slices.

Take the sushi mat and lift the nori and rice closest to you up and over the filling. Squeeze the mat to help distribute the ingredients evenly. Remove the mat and wet the end of the nori on which there is no rice, now finish rolling the sushi roll onto that piece of nori. I used this video from Kikkoman to help me understand what I was doing since I'm more of a visual person, check it out to see a visual of what you're doing.

Repeat the above process with the remaining ingredients, then slice and serve with soy sauce and wasabi paste.



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