Grilled Fontina and Blueberry Basil Sandwiches

The inspiration for this recipe came from the blog How Sweet It Is -- she made Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches and you can find that recipe here.

-Multigrain bread
-Fresh Basil
-Fontina cheese

This is a great recipe because you can really use any combination of cheese and fruit and there isn't a set amount of ingredients, you can use enough to make one sandwich or enough to make five. It also allows you to balance the ingredients to our liking -- if you don't like fresh basil use less, if you love it use more.

Chop some basil and add to a bowl of blueberries.

                                        I used a handful of blueberries and about ten basil leaves.

Poke the blueberries with a fork to make them easier to mash and then flatten them with the fork.

Spread butter on slices of the multigrain bread (these slices are for one half of the sandwiches you plan on making).

Place these pieces of bread butter side down in a hot skillet. Top with cheese and the blueberry basil spread.

                              Top with more slices of multigrain bread, spread butter on those too.

These sandwiches are made just like grilled cheese -- flip until the desired golden brown color is achieved.

Serve with any desired sides. As I mentioned before this is a great lunch meal that can be tailored to one person or to multiple people. The sweetness of the blueberries paired well with the basil and they were both a nice addition to a standard grilled cheese sandwich.

I would definitely make this again and will work on pairing different fruit with different cheeses to find the perfect pairing.


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