Blue Sparkling Cocktail

Sometimes you need simplicity. This recipe is a simple cocktail which is perfect for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July due to its color. The color comes from the blue curaçao which is blue in color, but orange flavored. I'll have another Memorial Day recipe tomorrow.

The weather here has been beautiful this weekend and we're planning on enjoying it fully. Dave and I will be at a picnic today with my family so expect lots of Instagram posts. If you have a three day weekend like I do, enjoy it!

Recipe from Day Dreamer Desserts.

-2 ounces triple sec
-2 ounces blue curaçao
Mix all ingredients in desired glass.
Add as much champagne as you'd like.
This drink got mixed reviews -- Dave thought that it was okay except for the color which is a little off-putting alone. I usually love champagne cocktails and I just didn't like the mixture of flavors. This is also an incredibly strong drink, I could not finish my glass. If I made this again I would use a mixer that wasn't alcohol based -- instead of champagne, maybe some sort of juice. 


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