Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Apples Used: 36/40 -- We finally used all of the apples. It took us a month, and four of them spoiled, but we managed to use our half bushel of apples to the fullest potential.

As above, this was the very last apple from our orchard trip, a small red apple, fit for a sweet breakfast and a fond farewell to the fall season.

A Vegetarian & Cooking! original.

-Pancake mix, 1/2 portion makes roughly 6 pancakes
-1 apple
-1/2 c pecans, crushed
-1/2 c cinnamon chips
-1 t lime juice

Peel, core and finely dice apple, into less than 1/4 inch pieces. As you cut the apple, toss the apple pieces in lime juice to slow oxidation.

Mix up pancake batter, make sure it is loose and not too clumpy but not runny, carefully add small quantities of water to reach the desired consistency.

Spray griddle / pan with cooking spray and spoon on batter, to size not too much greater than your spatula, or to your desired pancake size.

As the pancakes cook, evenly distribute apple, pecan, and cinnamon chips onto the pancake underside. When the bubbles that form on the underside of the pancake don't close up when popped, or when the edges of the pancake start to look dry, it is ready to flip. Take care not to leave the pancake too long on either side, but the added ingredients could have the potential to cook differently or leave residue that may burn. Clean the pan between pancakes if necessary.

Serve up a big stack with extra apple and crushed pecan and a generous drizzle of syrup. This breakfast is hot and sweet and very satisfying, perfect for a busy morning and early afternoon.


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