French Onion Soup Tartine

This is an open-faced sandwich with rich sauteed onion flavor, an excellent combination of easy-to-eat and sophisticated dining.

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Recipe from Vegetarian Times.

-1 onion
-1 tablespoons sweet white wine
-1/2 c vegetable stock
-1/2 t honey
-pinch thyme
-2 thick slices french bread
-2 slices provolone cheese

Chop the onion, reserving two cross-sectional segments for special plating treatment, and dice the remainder. Saute the onions in separate pans, being careful to flip the two special segments when timely, until caramelized.

Add to the diced onion the white wine, it will be absorbed and evaporate quickly. Next add the vegetable stock, honey, thyme, and some salt to the diced onion, until the liquid has nearly evaporated.

Build tartines by layering bread, diced onion, and a slice of cheese, and broil, for 2-4 minutes, until cheese is melted and golden. Serve with reserved onion segments, kept warm, placed on top of the cheese.

We both liked the sandwich, Alecia said that it was very reminiscent of french onion soup, I guess as it ought to be. I'm not too experienced with french onion soup, so I'm not sure, but I definitely enjoyed the complexity of flavors that came together in making this.


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