Buttered Polenta Pancakes with Berries

This recipe is incredibly simple to make, but I had a little bit of leftover polenta from another recipe and thought this would be a good way to use the last bit of the tube. 

Recipe from Half Baked Harvest.

-1 (18 ounce) tube plain polenta
-2 tablespoons salted butter, plus more for serving 
-powdered sugar, for serving
-pure maple syrup, for serving
-fresh berries, for serving

Slice your polenta in 1/4 inch-1/2 inch rounds. Heat a skillet over medium heat, once the skillet is hot add a pat of butter. Add as many polenta rounds as you can fit in one layer, cook for 2 minutes per side or until lightly golden and crisp on the edges. Remove from the pan, place on a plate. Repeat with the remaining polenta.

Serve with a pat of butter on the warm polenta, some fresh berries and powdered sugar.

The polenta rounds got nice and crispy on the outside and the richness of the butter made them taste a little decadent, I usually think of polenta as being pretty plain. They tasted good with the berries. Dave was not expecting to use the polenta rounds to make the pancakes, he thought we were going to make a pancake batter from ground polenta. He enjoyed that this recipe was much easier than he has thought.


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