Radish + Arugula Pizza

We typically receive a lot of radishes in our summer CSAs and I hate to always turn them into a side dish. Dave and I came up with this recipe after I scored some Brooklyn Bred pizza crust at a discount. Does anyone else's grocery store have a section for discount baked goods? I love checking it for desserts but was able to get both Brooklyn Bred crusts and buns at a discount last week. This pizza is full of summer flavors and the bright colors really make it stand out. Dave liked the complexity of flavors that the vodka sauce added which was balanced by the sweetness of the corn. 

A Vegetarian & Cooking original.

-1 flatbread pizza crust, we used Brooklyn Bred
-1/2 cup vodka sauce
-1 bunch radishes, with greens
-1 ear corn
-1 cup arugula
-2 ounces goat cheese
-1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat the oven according to crust directions, our preparation was set to 425.

Clean radishes and greens, then slice radishes and set aside. Roughly chop radish greens, then quickly saute over medium heat with a little cooking spray and a pinch of salt for 1-2 minutes.

Cut off the top part of the silk on the corn and two or three outer leaves, then microwave the ear of corn for 90-120 seconds. Remove carefully from microwave, dispose of remaining husk and silk, then slice the kernels from the cob.

To the flatbread pizza crust, evenly spread the vodka sauce, then distribute sauteed radish greens, corn kernels, crumbled goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, and sliced radishes.

Bake per crust package instructions, ours baked for 10-12 minutes on a sheet pan. Finish with arugula, and serve.


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