Cupcakes with Fondant Decoration

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I think cupcakes are a great way to make a dessert. It is sometimes easier for everyone to have their own individual cupcake rather than making an entire cake.  I found the idea for this in a cupcake recipe book, it has lots of ideas for cupcake decorations that aren't too difficult. I have a lot of cupcake recipes I want to make soon, so look for those blogs in the coming months.
-Cupcake mix (plus eggs and oil, according to the package)
-Powdered sugar
-Food coloring

Mix chocolate cake mix according to the package direction.
Take out a small amount of fondant.
I got mine at a specialty candy store.
Dust the counter with a little powdered sugar so it doesn't stick.
Roll it with a rolling pin so it is pretty thin.
We cut out hearts freehand.
For the stars we traced a pattern on wax paper and cut around it.
You could also use small cookie cutters if you have them.
Put the shapes on wax paper.
To color them, mix a food coloring with powdered sugar and water.
You might need to experiment with the proportions to get a thin consistency.
Leave for at least 20 minutes to harden.
Once the cupcakes are baked and cooled, frost
them with a container of your choice of frosting.
We used whipped cream cheese frosting.
Peel off the shapes and put them on the frosted cupcakes.
We stood some of them up vertically on the cupcakes.

These were relatively easy to make, since they just used store bought cupcake mix and frosting. The fondant wasn't too hard to make either, but really made the cupcakes something different than just the normal cupcake and frosting. These would be also be good to make for a holiday, especially if you have small cookie cutters in holiday shapes.


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