Vegetarian Salad Rolls

In another attempt to make homemade take-out I served this with yesterday's Spicy Orange Tofu with Peppers. Salad rolls are essentially a spring roll which has not been fried. I found spring roll wrappers in the Asian section of my local grocery store. I also found the rice noodles there as well.

Recipe from MattiKaarts.

1 handful of vermicelli rice noodles, cooked according to package directions
1 packet of spring roll sheets
1 large parsnip, jullienned
2 sticks of celery, jullienned
small handful of fresh basil – chiffonade
small handful of green cabbage, finely sliced

Gather all of your ingredients in an easy to reach place.
Stuff the center of each salad roll with some of each ingredients.

Fold the sides in over the ingredients.
Then fold the bottom up.
Finish the salad rolls by rolling the center to the edge.

Click here to see the video I made showing you how to roll these. I promise it's much easier to see it done and really not that complicated.


Serve with some sauce if desired -- I mixed some soy sauce, hoisin and Sriracha together to make ours.

Dave and I both really enjoyed this as a side dish to our stir fry. The fresh vegetables added a nice crunch, the parsnips added some peppery flavor to the rolls. The sauce that I threw together was a little spicy which we both enjoy, but if you don't like spice, these would be good with any dipping sauce that you enjoy with take-out -- if you have some leftover packets of duck sauce or soy sauce that would work too.


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