Meyer Lemon Moscato Cocktail

Dave picked up a bag of meyer lemons for free at our local grocery store and then chose a recipe for them to be used in. For some reason he was really married to the idea of the meyer lemons going into some sort of sangria, so as a result this recipe was made on Valentine's Day.

Recipe from the Cookie Rookie.

-1 bottle moscato wine
-2 cups orange juice
-2 cups pineapple juice
-16 ounces sparkling lemon water (or lemon lime soda)
-Juice from two meyer lemons

Combine all of the ingredients and let sit in the fridge so that all of the flavors can mingle. Serve chilled with additional meyer lemon slices for garnish. 

Dave liked this a lot better than I did, he was happy that you could taste all of the ingredients individually and thought they blended nicely together, his one complaint was that it was pretty acidic. He wished that we had added something to help sweeten it up, however, he also did finish of the pitcher. 


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