Candy Turkeys

One week until Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy this adorable Thanksgiving themed guest post by Becky and be ready for our exciting new Thanksgiving mini-blog series starting this Sunday...

These just sounded so cute for thanksgiving, so I had to try them. The idea for this is from the Food Network, and you can find those instructions here.

For each candy turkey
-2 Oreos
-mini Reese's cup
-5 pieces candy corn
-melted chocolate
-blue food coloring

Put 4 pieces of candy corn into an the cream of an Oreo.
One of the recommendations I saw was to use a double stuff Oreo,
I think this helped because they were pretty close to breaking open.
Set aside.

Melt chocolate on a small plate. I used chocolate chips.
Dip the larger end of the Reese's to coat the bottom.

Stick the Reese's to the other Oreo, use the melted chocolate like glue.

Do the same thing with the Whopper for the head, dip it in
chocolate and glue on top of the Reese's. Break off the white tip of the last candy corn
and glue it to the Whopper for  the beak.

Take the Oreo with the candy corn feathers and glue it to the back of the other Oreo.

I thought it needed eyes, so I took a little bit of food coloring
on the end of a fork and made small dots for eyes.

I also experimented with making larger eyes with mini hot chocolate sized marshmallows. 
I glued on the marshmallows with the chocolate, and put the
food coloring dot on the marshmallow.
I don't think I like this one as much.

When I decided to do this, I was almost sure they were going to look terrible. I think they don't turned out too bad, not as good as the food network I'm sure, but pretty good. They were also much easier than I thought to make, and the chocolate really worked to hold all the pieces together..


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