Grilled Cheese Roll-ups

-Loaf of bread (I used wheat)
-American Cheese
-Tomato Soup for Serving

For this recipe you can use as many pieces of bread/cheese as you need for servings. I made five which was pretty good to feed both of us because we also had soup and another side dish. You can find the original recipe that I found on Pinterest here

Remove the crust and use a rolling pin to flatten. 
Top with cheese. Use one slice, per slice of bread! 
Roll up and cook in a pan with butter until all sides are golden brown.
You will want to place them seam side down in order to seal the roll-up. 
Enjoy with tomato soup. 

These were really good! Like Grilled Cheese Croutons this recipe is a great way to jazz up a simple grilled cheese sandwich without exerting too much effort. 


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