Thanksgiving Leftovers Sliders

Happy Black Friday! I hope the shopping lines weren't too crazy this morning, I'm not one to get involved in the madness, but I did hit up the online Black Friday sale for my sorority and got a doughnut pan from Amazon with my brother's free shipping.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was nice to spend the day with family that I haven't seen in a while and although I didn't get to see J. it's okay. J. and his roommates are hosting an after Thanksgiving dinner at their house on Saturday so I'll have one more Thanksgiving recipe for you tomorrow and we get to have our own mini-Thanksgiving celebration with friends. The recipe I have planned for Saturday is super versatile.

Here's an easy recipe for those Thanksgiving leftovers that are crowding up your fridge. It's also easily adaptable for whatever kind of food you have. You can find the blog which inspired me here.

-Cranberry sauce (here's the recipe I used to whip some together)

Add your toppings.

Yum! A nice and easy way to use up those leftovers.


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