J's Breakfast Rolls

This recipe is one that J.'s family has been making for breakfast for years and he wanted me to share it on the blog.

-2 packages crescent rolls
-Fillings (vegetables, etc)

I didn't input amounts for eggs, milk, cheese or for the filling because you can use however much you'd like and you can use whatever type of filling you like. When we make these I usually put some diced green pepper and diced tomato inside mine, but all I had was green onions. 

Whisk eggs together in a bowl with a little milk. 
Roll out crescent rolls onto a greased baking sheet.
Add cheese and other toppings, fold closed.

Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes.
This recipe is a great way to use ingredients that you already have around your kitchen. This is also a nice breakfast to make when you have overnight guests because everyone can choose their own filling and it's easy to set up a filling bar with little bowls of toppings so that everyone can build their own. 


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