Breakfast Burritos

J. and I took our first ever spring break trip last March down to Augusta, Georgia to see my best friend from high school who is in the Navy. While we were staying there her boyfriend made us breakfast burritos one morning and like the Breakfast Rolls these are perfect to make when you have overnight guests because you can set out all of the ingredients and let everyone build their own.

You can use any ingredients you want, these are just the ones we chose to use.

-Hash Browns
-Scrambled Eggs

Set out your plates and toppings. 
Yummy toppings. 
Fill your burritos.
You can roll up your burritos. 
Or fold it up like a taco if it's too full.
This recipe is another recipe which is technically a breakfast item, but is perfect for a weeknight dinner also. There's almost no effort aside from setting out ingredients and you can use ingredients which are already in your kitchen. This is a great way to use leftovers from taco night or another meal with a lot of leftovers!


  1. I'm not a vegetarian but this meal looks tasty!! thanks for sharing!

    -On a side note, I recently graduated from a top 10 law school in the US and I found your blog by searching for law students. So, I hope to stay in contact! :)

    Hope to see you on my blog soon ♥
    A Preponderance of Fashion

  2. Thank you for you the comment!

    I'm a 1L right now and nearing exam time (so I'm sure you understand the stress I'm feeling). Good luck with your job search!

    I checked out your blog, I'll be a future frequent reader :)


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