A Turkeyless Thanksgiving -- Cranberry Sauce

For our "Turkeyless Thanksgiving" side dish today, I made cranberry sauce. It should match nicely with the cranberry in the cocktail, and with the dessert dish tomorrow. This recipe is pretty simple but goes well with a Thanksgiving meal, so it is a great addition to the menu if you have a lot to prepare.

A Turkeyless Thanksgiving:
Appetizer: Roasted Grape and Blue Cheese Bites
Main Dish: Pumpkin Sage Pasta

Cocktail: Skinny Vanilla Cranberry
Side Dish: Cranberry Sauce

-1 16 oz can cranberry sauce
-16 oz crushed pineapple, drained
-1 package raspberry jello

(Jello isn't vegetarian so look for an alternative if you're eating a strict vegetarian/vegan diet -- Becky's not a veg and I'm not too picky (especially when it comes to jello shots) ).

Add the jello powder to a bowl.
Add 1 cup boiling water. Stir until all the powder is dissolved.
Stir in the crushed pineapple.
Break up the cranberry and mix it in.
Pour into to a serving container.
This is always one of my favorite Thanksgiving foods, it goes great with everything. 


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