Apple Pie with Cheese

I saw this idea in Food Network magazine (October 2013). I did a little bit of digging on the internet, but couldn't find out too much concrete information about how this started. Apparently it's a thing and to be honest it actually tasted pretty good. You can use any type of cheese and any recipe for apple pie. I've included a link to the blog for my apple pie recipe.

-Apple Pie
-Cheese, any type

Bake your apple pie and then broil or microwave the slice with the cheese on top.

The cheese added a savory note to the sweet pie. It was an interesting flavor combination, it wasn't bad. I obviously ate this twice because I tried it with two different cheeses. I think I preferred the Gruyere over the Cheddar, the flavor was a lot more subtle. Both tasted good though, this would be something I would do again for a different twist on apple pie. 


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