Zucchini Chips

These were just really good. I didn't think these would be as good as they were, they were the perfect amount of crisp and tasted like a chip, but with extra flavor.

This recipe is from Vittles and Bits.

-1 medium zucchini
-cooking spray
-salt or garlic powder

I was excited because I got to use my new food processor.
I used the slice blade to make really thin slices.
Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray, lay out the
zucchini, spray the top with cooking spray and sprinkle with
salt or garlic powder.
Bake at 225 for 45 minutes, then rotate, and bake another 40 minutes.

The the ones I made with salt were good, but the ones with garlic powder were even better. I thought they looked a little dark so I thought they may be a little burnt, but they didn't taste like it, so it was good to let them get a little darker. I would try this again with other seasonings, maybe some cajun or pepper next time.


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