Breakfast Quesadillas

Only six ingredients, all but one I already had at home. Yes please! This recipe is very easy to put together and does not take very much work or time. You can serve it with a wide variety of toppings, I used sour cream and avocado, you could also use salsa, fresh tomatoes or pico de gallo.

From Recipe Girl

-1 Tablespoon butter
-4 large eggs, beaten
-1 cup shredded colby-jack cheese
-2 large wheat tortillas  
-sour cream
Whisk together the eggs and heat in a hot skillet full of the melted butter.
Heat until the top looks cooked, then top with cheese and a tortilla. 

Pick the skillet up and flip the tortilla side onto the cutting board.
Slide the quesadilla tortilla side down into the skillet.
Top the other side with cheese and the other tortilla.
Use the cutting board flip trick one more time if the cheese needs melted.
Slice and serve with desired toppings. 

This was very easy to make, the most difficult part is flipping the quesadilla out of the skillet, as long as you keep the skillet and the cutting board steady it will be fine. I served mine with sour cream and avocado, J. ate his plain. All of us ate only 2-3 pieces (we made two quesadillas), this recipe is pretty filling. It won't look like it, but remember that there are four eggs per quesadilla.


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