Spinach Artichoke and Mushroom Breakfast Burritos

This recipe uses the leftover crepe filling from yesterday's date night post to make an elevated breakfast -- perfect for a week day morning or a lazy Sunday brunch. You can add whatever ingredients you like, I had mushrooms on hand already. You will not need to add additional seasoning, because the filling was seasoned yesterday.

A Vegetarian & Cooking! original.

-Spinach & Artichoke Filling from yesterday's post
-Mushrooms, handful sliced
-1 egg, per burrito
-1 tortilla, per burrito
-Greek yogurt, for serving

Saute the leftover spinach and artichoke filling with some chopped mushrooms in order to heat both through. My eggs are cooked over-easy, but you can cook yours however you'd like.

Fill a tortilla with the spinach/artichoke/mushroom filling (as much as you'd like). Add one egg and some cheese. Roll burrito style.

I served mine with Greek yogurt on the side, this would also be good with sour cream or hot sauce.

I found this to be a great and filling breakfast before work one day. It was easy to put together because all of the prep could be done ahead of time and the filling was already made. The flavors were good, the mushrooms helped to add a little more heartiness. I like to serve Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in most dishes, but it would be good with either.


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