Everything Bagel Grilled Cheese

How cool is this Everything Bagel Cheese by Cabot? It captured the essence of an everything bagel on a block of cheddar, it was delicious on this grilled cheese sandwich as well as on crackers for a snack. This grilled cheese is very versatile, I intended to add a fried egg to it also, but we were out of eggs when we made this.

Recipe from Peas and Crayons.

-2 whole wheat bagel-thins
-2 slices of vegan bacon, cooked
-1 slice of your favorite deli cheese
-1-2 oz freshly grated Cabot Everything Bagel Cheese
-butter for grilling the sandwich, to taste

Butter the outside of the bagel or use some cooking spray on the inside of the pan to help keep things from sticking if the cheese oozes out. Add the vegan bacon, cheese (I used a little provolone) and the Everything Bagel Cheese to the inside of the sandwich and top with the other buttered bagel half.

Add the sandwich to a hot skillet and cook until the cheese is melted and outside of the bagel is toasted.

I was irrationally obsessed with this grilled cheese, I don't know if it was the Everything Bagel Cheese that made this taste so good, or that in combination with the salty/crunchy vegan bacon, but this was my favorite grilled cheese sandwich so far this year. 


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