Vegetable Omelette

This is the 40th post and I'm almost up to 500 page views! Wow, I can't believe all of this has happened in less than seven months.

This will be my last blog for a little over a week because I'm headed across the pond.

Don't worry though I have a lengthy list of new recipes to try when I get back which will all be made easier by the fact that my boyfriend is moving back to college -- with his roommates and I included it'll give me five people to feed instead of one. The possibilities are endless.

For today's recipe -- I'm a firm believer that breakfast food can and should be eaten for any meal. This vegetable omelette is a step all other breakfast foods because you're getting protein from the eggs plus nutrients from the veggies.

-2 eggs (per omelette)
-Cooking Spray/ Oil

You can use any vegetables you'd like for the filling I used some green pepper and green onion because I had both handy.

Chop up your vegetables and heat them in a small pan. They don't need to be cooked too long, this is just to insure that vegetables like the green pepper aren't too crunchy.

Whisk two eggs together in a bowl (I also added a little milk).
In a separate skillet (coated with cooking spray) than the vegetables pour the eggs into a thin even layer.

When the eggs start to bubble on top and look more cooked than raw add  a layer of cheese.

Then add the vegetables. 

Fold one side to the center, then the other to form an envelope.
I like to give the omelette another flip to seal the edges.

Perfectly gooey and cheesy.

Omelette's are easy to make and give a little bit nicer presentation than scrambled eggs. This is a nice recipe for when you have overnight company because you can set out an array of fillings and everyone can choose their own. Enjoy!


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