Grilled Ciabatta Mozzarella Pear Sandwich

I found this recipe on savoring the thyme. Alecia made an apple grilled cheese sandwich a while ago. It is really simple, but it is one of my favorites now, and it is something I make all the time. This recipe for mozzarella and pear sounded similar. It turned out to be almost as good. The combination of fruit and cheese seems a little odd, but it really tastes great. I added some rosemary to this sandwich as well, it gave it a little more flavor.

For each sandwich:
-2 slices ciabatta
-1/2 pear, sliced
-1 spoonful preserves or jelly
-mozzarella cheese

Add a little butter in a frying pan.
Spread the preserves on one slice of bread.
Top with some a little bit of chopped rosemary.
Add slices of pear.
Top with mozzarella cheese to taste and put
it in the pan.
After about 2 minutes, top with the other slice and flip.
Cook for another few minutes, until the cheese is melted.

Fruit and cheese is my favorite combination of food, so I really liked this. I'll probably experiment with this combination again soon. It was pretty simple to make too. There was a pretty strong rosemary flavor, I thought it was pretty good, but you may not want to use too much if you don't like rosemary.


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