Valentine's Day Crack

One week until Valentine's Day! We've got some great recipes both savory and sweet to help you celebrate the holiday so check back this week and next week. 

In the past for this blog, we have made Halloween crack, and Christmas crack. So since Valentine's day is another holiday with its own candy, I knew I had to make this again. 

You can really use any ingredients you want, but here is a good starting place:
-white chocolate chips
-pretzels, broken up
-red m&ms (I found valentine's day m&ms, they were cherry flavored)
-sweethearts candy

I used about a handful of each candy, and about 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips.

Spread out the peanuts and pretzels on a  tray.
Melt the chocolate. Pour it on top of the pretzel and peanut mix.
Before the chocolate hardens, pour m&ms and sweethearts on top.
It really is as sugary as it looks.

This is always good to make because it really fits the holiday theme. Make sure you find people to share it with though, it is hard to eat too much at once by yourself, but is tasty.


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